Calm & Comfort - The Mood Lifter -This blend always put me in a good mood while I'm making it. It's great to burn when you are feeling a bit down or on a rainy day to give your mood a boost. The bergamot is brilliant at alleviating anxiety and elevating your mood, and if you're a fan of Earl Grey tea then you would have already enjoyed the distinctive smell of bergamot. The lavender is kept to a smaller quantity so the relaxing qualities are present but not too over-powering. Lavender also compliments the bergamot by relieving depression and anxiety. The last ingredient is clary sage, derived from the Italian salvia sclarea herb. It is known to benefit women's health as well as providing sedative abilities to increase feelings of relaxation, clarity and calmness while alleviating irritability, tension and negative emotions.

No.01 Calm & Comfort

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  • 100% natural soy wax

    100% pure essential oils of clary sage, bergamot and lavender

    No colourants or dyes