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Serenity & Balance - For Your Well-Being - This candle uses some of the most precious and luxurious essential oils to create a beautiful balancing and 'healing' blend. It is a real treat and costs a lot more to produce and this is reflected in our price. Perfect for lighting when hormones are unbalanced or when we might feel irritable, unsettled or sad. It can re-set our mood like a deep breath and a hug. Although a lot of the qualities are designed to compliment women's health, it has proved very popular amongst our male customers too! One of the main ingredients is geranium essential oil, which is known to promote emotional stability, enhance and balance the mood. It can reduce feelings of stress, anxiety, tension and sadness as well as giving the blend a sweet, uplifting floral scent. Rose is one of the most amazing and valuable essential oils and it is said it can take up to 40 blooms to produce just one drop of oil. Rose is a great healer and can help ease anxiety, depression, headaches, menopausal symptoms, grief, menstral cramps and migranes. Frankinscense gives this blend a woody, spicy smell as well as bringing a seductive sense of comfort.The patchouli essential oil creates a rich, musky and warm undertone alongside its additional grounding and balancing qualities.

No.05 Serenity & Balance

SKU: 0008
PriceFrom £14.00
  • 100% natural soy wax

    100% pure essential oils

    No colourents or dyes