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Take time to pause, relax and unwind.


The box includes our 180ml Spa & Pamper candle. This scent makes us think of that lovely feeling at the end of a spa day, when you feel at your most relaxed. The lavender, orange, ylang ylang and bergamot work together at giving a rich creamy scent as well as calming the mind, de-stressing, relieving anxiety and uplifting mood. While the peppermint acts as a mini steam room by clearing the sinuses and leaving that cool, fresh, clarifying feeling in the air. The undertones of rosemary add an earthy base to the blend as well as the benefits of rosemary essential oil which help focus the mind, improve concentration and support the respiratory system. 


Take time to enjoy this candle with Kim Davies' book Pause.  Take a step back from the busyness of your life and pause, allow yourself a moment to reflect on what is happening around you, how you are feeling, and what you doing.

Pause Gift Box

  • 100% natural soy wax

    100% pure essential oils ylang ylang, lavender, rosemary, bergamot, sweet orange and peppermint

    Vegan friendly

    No colourants or dyes

  • 180ml No.06 Spa & Pamper candle

    Kim Davies' Pause book

    Personalised gift card

    Cosy Nook Candle Co. branded reusable box, tied with a silver-grey ribbon, which is made from sustainable materials.