Energised and Fresh - Feel Energised -This scent is great at giving you a boost of energy. The zesty grapefruit and lemon hit your nose first, before the balancing note of the bergamot comes through. Grab this one when you are needing to start work in the morning, needing to tick a lot off the to-do-list, or if you are feeling a little lethargic and need a kick-start. It's also a great one for keeping in the kitchen to have ready as a morning coffee companion or to alleviate cooking smells. The bergamot can help to calm anxiety and elevate mood, while the grapefruit essential oil is known to halt sugar cravings and is considered a natural stress buster. It is also believed to reduce depression and helps you to burst through the fatigue barrier. Finally the uplifting lemon oil helps to ease stress, elevate the mood and stimulate serotonin and dopamine within the body.

No.02 Energised & Fresh

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  • 100% natural soy wax

    100% pure essential oils of lemon, grapefruit and bergamot

    No colourents and dyes